Got a sinking feeling about your concrete?

Prevent structural trouble and water leakage with Slabjacking Specialists. We raise sunken concrete by carefully pumping a dense, pressurized mixture underneath the slab. The result is like-new concrete, only without the cost, mess or environmental damage.

What is slabjacking?

Slabjacking is an inexpensive, long-lasting way to raise sunken concrete. If your garage floor or basement is tilting, now is the time to fix the problem. Avoid bothersome pools of water and other hazards by calling Slabjacking Specialties.

How does it work?

First, we drill strategically placed holes into the slab. Then, we pump a dense slurry mixture made up of cement, sand aggregate and other high quality additives into each hole. The slab floats back into place, leaving you with strong, even-colored concrete — It’s like a face-lift for your floor!

Need a lift?

Whether it’s your driveway, sidewalk or basement that’s sinking, we’re here to give you a boost. Our concrete lifting expertise ranges from garage, home and factory floors to patio slabs, curbs, porches, walkways and more.

Sunken concrete causes

Concrete that’s looking low can be caused by a number of issues, including soil erosion, poor soil stability, and slabs that were installed on poorly compacted dirt. We can determine the cause and help correct the problem.

Fill the void

If the angle of water run-off is not right, it can cause costly foundation or structural damage. By raising the concrete, we’ll take care of voids, pooling water and tripping dangers at your home or business.

Raise the concrete, not the landscape
We won’t disrupt your yard or work area. You don’t even have to remove heavy items from the slab. Our slabjacking process usually takes just one day to complete, and the concrete can be used right away.

A solid solution

Slabjacking is a concrete answer to your problems. We can fix sunken concrete for a fraction of the cost of replacing the slab. It is sturdy and lasts longer than mud jacking, which uses dirt or clay to lift the slabs. Plus, slabjacking can be done any time of year, even in the winter.

Slabjacking the West Metro

When your concrete is caving, it’s time to call Slabjacking Specialties in Hutchinson and St. Cloud. Our customers come from Minnesota towns west of the Twin Cities, including New Germany, Howard Lake, Delano, Lester Prairie, Winsted, St. Bonifacius, and the surrounding area.